The Best Wines To Choose

The Best Wines To Choose

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Choose Bordeaux Wine for Good Quality

Probably the best known of the French wine regions is the Bordeaux wine region. In fact, approximately one third of the quality wine produced in France is from this region which is located in the southern portion of the country. Many would attribute the superb quality coming out of this region to the ideal grape growing conditions present in and around Bordeaux. The region is located near the Atlantic coast and has several rivers nearby. The climate is considered temperate with short winters and high humidity levels which seem to be ideal to support successful growth in the vineyards.

Among the grapes and related wine varieties produced by this region, Merlot is by far the largest accounting for about half of all grapes planted. Other popular wines produced in Bordeaux include Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Semillon and Sauvignon. One of the most impressive things about this region is that they have their own scoring or rating system for wines. Because it is such a well-known and popular niche of wine, there are numerous books, magazines and websites devoted only to Bordeaux and its fabulous wines. If you think you might be interested in learning more, it’s definitely worth the time to check out some of these authoritative sources as well as reading recommendations by others who have experienced several different wines from the region.

Not only is the Bordeaux region a great producer of quality wine, it is also a beautiful destination for sightseeing, relaxation and wine education. If you have the opportunity to experience the beauty and culture this region has to offer, you should take it without hesitation. Even if you are planning to be in another part of the country, just an additional day or two could afford you the opportunity to explore this area since France is not large in terms of distance between major points of interest. Check your travel plans and see if you can fit in a visit to the Bordeaux wine region and grab a bottle of wine to enjoy at home in the meantime. 

Combine Cabernet and Merlot Wines for a Unique Treat

With so many choices available in the world of wine, it pays to give one of the fine Merlot wines a try. The Merlot grape is grown in a number of countries so it is possible to try many international varieties all with their own subtle differences. Compared to another popular red wine, Cabernet, Merlot is considered to be a bit softer, medium-weighted wine. In fact, it is often combined with the heavier Cabernet to soften it a bit. When further compared with Cabernet, Merlot has fewer tannins and as a result, is typically ready to drink sooner.

The concept of tannins is an important part of the complex taste component involved in wine tasting. Tannin is actually a chemical derived from stalks, pips and skins of red grapes. Armed with an astringent taste, tannins tend to produce a dry sensation in the mouth and may even result in a pucker when tasted. Because tannins often soften over time, they tend to be more noticeable in younger red wines. With time and proper ageing, tannins produce a full-bodied quality that improves the wine as it softens. Of course, there are many more factors that go into evaluating the taste of wine including sweetness, acidity, alcohol, fruitiness, body and aftertaste. Of course the overall impression of a wine by its drinker is probably the most important of the taste considerations.

If you’re new to Merlot, it is wise to browse through your local wine shop and look over all of the different varieties.  Consult with the store personnel to see if they can offer any recommendations or information about the various selections. If you don’t have a wine shop convenient, go online and do a search. There is so much information and places to order wine from that you will have more selections than you ever imagined possible. And if you are a fan of Cabernet wine but find it a bit heavy, choose one of the Merlot wines and give mixing the two together a try for a special and completely unique treat.

The Many Different Types of White Wine

When you look at white wine, you would assume that they are all made with the same types of grapes, since they are all the same colour. However that is not true. Each is made with many different types of grapes. 

Believe it or not, while the majority of white wine is made with white grapes, it can be made with red grapes as well. The reason for this is because when making white wine, the juice and skin are separated before the fermentation process. This means that the juice does not absorb the colour of the skin; therefore the grape juice is always clear.  

Chardonnay wine, made from Chardonnay grapes, is one of the most popular white wines, especially in the United States, because of its unique, flavourful taste. The reason it is so flavourful is that it aged in expensive oak barrels, which helps Chardonnay wine age really well. The oak can give the wine a bit of a smoke or vanilla flavour to it. Sometimes the wine can also have a butter, apple or pineapple flavour to it.

Another wine that ages really well is one made from Semillon grapes. Some of these wines have a little bit of an herb taste to them, but usually they taste like figs and such. This wine is usually mixed with other grapes like Sauvignon Blanc, but this is not the case in all counties. For example: in Australia, some of the best wines are just made from Semillon grapes.

Sauvignon Blanc wines are dry and crisp and usually have a grass and herb flavour to it. This wine is usually blended with grapes like Semillon. However, unlike Chardonnay wine, Sauvignon Blanc wine is not usually oaked.

Pinot Grigio wine, made from darker coloured grapes, is another fruity wine. It tastes like fruits such as peaches and apples, and is very popular in Italy, California, and parts of France.  

These are just a few of the different white wines available. So now you have an idea of how many different combinations of grapes are used in the process of making each wine. Each white wine is specially blended to create a unique taste.